What Paperchase do

PAPERCHASE services an extensive range of companies providing a highly professional paper recycling and collection service. From large international corporations to the smallest local businesses, we provide the same high standards of paper and cardboard recycling service and attention to all our clients.

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Tel: 01942 840466
Fax: 01942 818938
Email: info@paperchase-uk.com

Paperchase Site Content Guide

The Paperchase web site gives information on our wide range of paper, cardboard, plastic recycling, plastic collections, waste paper, and printers waste collection and recycling services. We have split our recycling and collection content through into various categories including cardboard collections, plastic collections, paper collection, data destruction, wastepaper collection and plastic collection accessed via tabs in the site. We feature our services not only in collection but in our key activity of recycling with specific guidance on this area.

From Domestic Kerbside wastepaper collections, Paperchase have developed into Commercial wastepaper collections and ensure wastepaper and cardboard recycling is 100%. The web site showcases our work and experience at the forefront of the wastepaper collection and recycling industry.

Paperchase proud winners of

"The Race to Recycle
2005 and 2006"

"The Best Recycling Partnership 2006"

Paperchase proud runners up of

"Enviromental Company
of the Year 1999"